Lung Cancer Screening

We are proud to announce that MDI has officially been designated as an American College of Radiology certified Lung Cancer Screening Center. By using low radiation dose CT scan technique, we image the lungs in under 10 seconds and a board certified Radiologist reviews your scan to screen for lung cancer.

The Medicare guidelines currently state that the following population is eligible for lung cancer screening:

  • Age 55-77 years
  • Asymptomatic (no signs or symptoms of lung cancer)
  • Tobacco smoking history of at least 30 pack-years (pack-years are calculated by multiplying the number of packs smoked per day by number of years smoked)
  • Current or former smokers who have quit within the last 15 years

If you have any questions regarding lung cancer screening, please do not hesitate to call us. Also, if you do not meet the above criteria and would like to know what options may be available to you, please do not hesitate to call MDI at 302-734-9888 and ask to speak to one of our board certified Radiologists.

Futher Information

If you would like additional information on this procedure, we recommend visiting the American Lung Association.