Low Dose Full Field Digital Mammography

Mammography is the "gold standard" for screening and detecting breast cancer. At Mid-Delaware Imaging, we are raising the bar for this standard and offer Double Read Mammography, which means 2 board certified Radiologists independently read nearly every mammogram performed at MDI at no additional cost to the patient. Studies have shown that more cancers are detected when two physicians analyze a mammogram as opposed to a single physician.

Digital mammography uses low-dose X-rays to capture images of the breast to look for abnormalities in the breast tissue that may represent cancer. Benefits include better imaging of dense breast tissue and the chest wall, shorter exam times, and lower radiation dose. MDI's mammography unit is MQSA certified and ACR accredited.

Technology & Equipment

Hologic Selenia Digital Mammography System


  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.
  • If you have had mammograms in the past, please have them sent to us prior to your exam, or bring them the day of your study.
  • Be prepared to describe any breast symptoms, changes or problems you are having with your breasts.
  • Patients are encouraged to leave all jewelry at home. Jewelry, including piercings, must be removed prior to your study.
  • Do not schedule your mammogram the week before your period. The best time is typically one week following your last period.
  • Do not wear deodorant, talcum powder or lotion under your arms on the day of your mammogram, as these substances can cause artifacts on the images.
  • If you have sensitive or tender breasts, consider taking an Advil or Tylenol one hour prior to your mammogram.

For your safety, please notify our scheduling department and technologists.

  • If you believe you may be pregnant
  • If you have breast implants

Patient Experience

During your visit, a patient advocate will show you to the changing area and can assist you if necessary. For a mammogram, we will ask you to change into a gown that opens in the front. For your convenience, we recommend that you wear a two-piece outfit on the day of your appointment. Our changing rooms offer secure lockers, but we encourage patients to leave valuables at home.

The technologist is specially trained and certified by the American Registry of Radiological Technologists to take care of you during your mammogram scan. During your mammogram, the technologists will position you and place your breast on a platform and compress it with a paddle made of plexiglass.

Breast compression is necessary in order to:

  • Even out the breast thickness to improve tissue visualization
  • Ensure that small abnormalities will not be obscured
  • Reduce radiation exposure
  • Hold the breast still to eliminate blurring caused by motion

The technologist will gradually apply pressure until the breast is fully compressed. Inform the technologist if you experience sudden or sharp discomfort.

Note: Screening mammograms for patients with implants take approximately 30 minutes. Four views of each breast are taken which include standard views and implant displaced views.

The technologist will step behind a lead-glass shield while capturing the images. Screening mammograms include a top-to-bottom view and a side view. The process is repeated for the opposite breast.

After The Exam

Once the exam is completed, the images are analyzed by a board certified radiologist who generates a diagnostic report outlining the findings. This report is then sent to your physician within 24 hours (unless there are studies performed at an outside facility that the radiologist will need for comparison). Your physician will consider the radiologist's interpretation of your mammogram in the context of your overall care.

At MDI, we proudly offer personal consultations with a radiologist to discuss the findings of your mammogram. The patient may opt to wait at the facility to directly speak with the radiologist or he/she may request that the radiologist call them with the results when available.

In addition, MDI is the only facility in Delaware to offer Double Read Mammography. This is a practice where a mammogram is interpreted by TWO different radiologists independent of one another. Studies have shown that more cancers are detected when two physicians analyze a mammogram as opposed to a single physician.

Further Information

If you would like additional information on this procedure, we recommend visiting the Mammography section of RadiologyInfo.org.

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