Breast Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a simple, safe, painless diagnostic procedure that utilizes high-frequency sound waves to image the breast. This modality is typically used to differentiate cystic (fluid filled) lesions from solid tumors. Mid Delaware Imaging's ultrasound department is accredited by the American College of Radiology and only employs sonographers who are board certified.

Technology & Equipment

Toshiba Ultrasound System


  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.
  • Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. You will be asked to change into a gown prior to your ultrasound study.

Patient Experience

During your visit, a patient advocate will show you to the changing area and can assist you if necessary. Our changing rooms offer secure lockers, but we encourage patients to leave valuables at home.

The technologist is specially trained and certified by the American Registry for Diagnostic Sonography to perform and take care of you during your ultrasound scan. The technologist is trained to capture images of your anatomy, but is not able to evaluate your anatomy or provide you with a diagnosis.

During your ultrasound, you will lie on your back on the examination table. The sonographer will spread a warm gel on one or both of your breasts. Images are acquired using a transducer, which is a hand-held device that looks similar to a microphone.

The technologist will firmly press the transducer against the skin and will move it to capture images of your anatomy. Allow the technologist to concentrate to ensure the appropriate images are captured. A breast ultrasound is usually completed in 30 to 45 minutes. You may be asked to wait for a radiologist to review your images.

After The Exam

Once the exam is completed, the images are analyzed by a board certified radiologist who generates a diagnostic report outlining the findings. This report is then sent to your physician within 24 hours (unless there are studies performed at an outside facility that the radiologist will need for comparison). Your physician will consider the radiologist's interpretation of your scan in the context of your overall care.

At MDI, we proudly offer personal consultations with a radiologist to discuss the findings of your breast ultrasound. You may opt to wait at our facility to directly speak with the radiologist or you may request that the radiologist call you with the results when available.

Further Information

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