COVID19 Notice

Any routine screening patient age 60 and older is strongly advised to reschedule their appointment. We will be reaching out to patients, but if you do not hear from us, please call us at 302-734-9888.

PATIENTS, if you have a diagnosis of coronavirus or TWO of these symptoms:

  1. a fever within the past 24 hours
  2. a new cough
  3. a new onset of shortness of breath

OR been in an area affected by widespread coronavirus, had direct exposure to someone with confirmed coronavirus, been told to self-quarantine, PLEASE DO NOT come to our facility.

If you have questions or symptoms, we encourage you to CALL your primary care physician for further instructions.

If you are not feeling well or do not have to visit, for everyone’s protection, please stay home.

If you have an appointment and do not plan on coming in, please CALL us ahead of time so we can utilize the spot for someone who urgently needs it.

PHYSICIANS, please do not send any patients to MDI that are suspected for COVID-19 or coronavirus. We are not equipped for isolating patients.

In order to maintain social distancing to the best of our ability while ensuring continuity of care to our community, we will have reduced staffing and heightened disinfecting procedures. This may result in longer wait times.

All patients will need to wash their hands upon entering the facility and companions are limited to patients who require assistance only. If you do not need to enter the facility, please wait in your vehicle.

Please note this is a fluid situation and subject to change. We thank you all for your cooperation and patience during this difficult time.