About Us

Our History and Mission

Mid-Delaware Imaging is a family owned and operated practice that has been servicing the community for nearly 25 years. Our founding physician, Mahendra Parikh, M.D, has been a Radiologist in Kent County, DE for over 35 years. His eldest son, Anush Parikh, M.D, joined the practice in 2008 and his youngest son, Amol Parikh, D.O., joined the practice in 2014.

Being a family owned practice means we care about every patient and our community. Our long history of outstanding service proves our commitment to the community. Let our family take care of your family!

Why Choose Mid-Delaware Imaging

Every patient has the right to choose where they want their imaging done!

Unfortunately, some physicians are pressured by the hospital or insurance companies to send their patients to hospital based facilities. Don't let them make choices for you! Tell your physician you want to go to Mid-Delaware Imaging for your imaging needs. Even if you receive a script for another facility, you can still choose to schedule your study with MDI.

We offer the highest quality service, studies and reads!

The mammography technology Mid-Delaware Imaging uses is the only 3D mammography technology proven to detect 41% more invasive breast cancers and reduce false positives by up to 40%.* Additionally, we are the only facility in Delaware that offers Double Read Mammography and a radiologist consultation at NO additional charge to our patients!

We cost less than hospital-based outpatient imaging centers!

Based on a Radiology Business Journal article which highlighted a number of national studies incorporating millions of tests, independent outpatient imaging centers like Mid-Delaware Imaging are significantly lower cost when compared to hospital based imaging facilities. For example, if your plan has a deductible or co-pay or if the exam isn't covered by your insurance, you would have to pay more out-of pocket than you would if you came to MDI. This means by coming to MDI, you can potentially lower your expenses, while receiving top-notch service and care!

* Data on file with Hologic